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The Company

Immunity Zone is a product of X and Me Technology AG, a Swiss start-up technology company with strong focus on safe digital experiences. With our main goal of making technology more human - and less robot - we are constantly striving to create disruptive digital experiences with the potential to change the fabric of your everyday life.

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Swiss and German based team of tech entrepreneurs

We are a team of very privacy-concerned individuals united by a strong desire for Internet freedom. We have been working on digital projects together and know each other very well. Now we are ready to risk an online revolution and set the browser free again.


Co-Founder & Developer

"David is a very gifted JavaScript and NodeJS Developer. He has worked several years for Mozilla and at CERN in Geneva after leaving his University out of boredom."


Founder & Developer

"Kris started to advocate mankind on web surveillance about 10 years ago. He founded X and Me after receiveing degrees from HSG and UZH and working in the financial industry."


User Experience & Developer

"Johannes is a full stack web-developer and digital native. He created a number of web experiences and strives to adapt Immunity Zone to market demands."


Marketing & Sales

Joe is a designer who has been involved in several digital products and start-ups over the last years. Operating out of Berlin he has worked with the Charité, Bundesdruckerei and Volkswagen as well as on his own projects.


Customer Support

"Scarlett is the soul of our support operation. She studied Education and German at Humboldt University Berlin."


Operating System Developer

"Mattias is a noted Linux developer who created a number of linux distributions. He is the creator of the Anti NSA-stick - a privacy oriented linux distribution."

Our Mission

Letting everybody access a free and open Internet is our mission.

Our Mission is to protect your digital freedom online. We are against any form of unconstitutional surveillance or digital manipulation. Our goal is to decrease digital disparity, remove barriers and provide open and free access to the Internet. We think safe browsing should be easy enough for your grandmother to understand. There needs to be a diplomatic passport for the web, allowing to privately surf on all sites.

Immunity Zone will be the place where everybody can surf freely and stay immune against hostile websites, mass-surveillance or censorship. The Internet is a borderless and limitless mass-communications system connecting society for good. Our mission is to make sure that everybody can freely use the web without the fear of mass-surveillance.

You and Us

Together we own the Internet

We think that the Internet was one giant present to our generation. We, the people (Engineers and Users alike), are the legitimate owners of the web in its current form. People for people, not by suppressors for slaves, developed the Internet. Unfortunately, the web became a dark place with evil organizations trying to steal the Internet, control it for their own purpose and to attempting to enslave society using digital technologies. Because personal freedom is the highest good for us, we take a stand against this.

Our motto is "No we can't". We can't accept governments trying to misuse Internet for their own purpose. We can't allow them taking the biggest ever-built chance for democracy and worldwide peace on the planet away from the people. We can't let it go... And most important: we know we can't loose because you and us together we own the Internet.

Projects we like - Please check them out!

Swiss made Software Internet Defense League CCC Switzerland Reset the Net United Nations AK Vorrat

Without freedom of thought there can be no such thing as wisdom & no such thing as public liberty without freedom of speech.

Benjamin Franklin, 1722.

Die Gedanken sind frei, keiner kann sie erraten.

Das Lied der Berner Mädchen (Wikipedia)

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