Frequently Asked Questions

What is this all about?

Immunity Zone is an innovative web browsing solution that allows you to surf securely on any website. Instead of your browser it is our infrastructure that accesses, renders and executes all web content. As your local browser doesn’t directly access websites anymore browser exploits become ineffective. Our virtual browser places a safe zone around your online activities and protects your data.

Why is this more private than other solutions (Tor, etc.)?

Current online privacy tools - such as Tor, Zenmate, VPN Services and others - just provide you a diffrent IP Address. IP Addresses - a numeric label for network devices - can be used to identify your computer on the Internet. Obfuscating your IP-Address kind protected your online identity in 2001 when Internet surveillance technology was not very evolved yet.

Modern privacy invasion - however - works on a complete new level. Browsers are targeted by using Browser Fingerprinting technologies. Some browsers expose unique IDs for tracking purposes (such as Google Chrome) and contain purposely built-in features which make it easy for big corporates and governments to identify web browsers on the Internet. Because VPN-Services and Tor got popular, your IP-Address is only 1 small piece of modern web tracking technology. Changing your IP-Address doesn't help you much - Companies track you either way.

We therefore believe that VPN-Services, Proxy-Servers or Onion-Routing solutions such as Tor provide only virtual feeling of privacy. Tools like HideMyAss, Private Internet Access,, ZenMate and others don't protect you well online. Tor - if not used in combination with a Virtual Machine and one-time browsers - doesn't protect your steps online completely. Behavioural Analytics (Analysis of your mouse movement and keyboard typing behaviour) can still be used to uniquely identify you online.

Immunity Zone provides a comprehensive protection of your browser. We provide not only IP-Addresses but completely hide Browser Characteristics (no Fingerprinting) from external websites. We prevent Behavioural Analytics, disable Browser-IDs, prevent Cookie tracking and make sure that there is no way how your computer can be identified online.

Do you store personal information?

We store only your username and encrypted passphrase on our servers. Email address is optional to recover your account. We don't receive any more information about you; we don't store any personal information on our servers. The credit card company doesn't know your username on Immunity Zone.

How do you protect me against mouse movement and keystroke analytics?

Some websites track users depending on their mouse movement and keyboard typing characteristics. This technology - called Behavioural Analytics -

How do you protect me against Browser Fingerprinting?

We normalize Browser Fingerprinting due to standard hardware and distribute your session over servers.

What happens with Cookies?

Because most modern websites require Cookies we will temporarily store Cookies on our servers. After you logged in or logged our all cookies are deleted. This allows you to still use modern websites but protects your identity. You can change our cookie settings to purge them more often as well.
Your cookies are temporarily stored on our servers, external cookies can't enter your local browser so there is no risk external websites can track your online identity via cookies.

When you use Immunity Zone you'll receive only one session cookie from us. This cookie is used to keep you logged in across tabs. The cookie will be deleted after you log out from Immunity Zone.

Is it possible to detect that I am using Immunity Zone?

Like any other web service we use HTTPS to communicate between your local browser and our infrastructure. HTTPS connections are getting monitored by various illegal organizations around the planet. We can't prevent these organizations detecting the fact that you are using our services for free users, but we prevent them from analysing which websites you actually visit. You might consider using I2P (Freenet) or other services to connect to our virtual browsers. We are considering integrating an existing mix-network at a later stage to additionally hide the fact that you accessed Immunity Zone at all. Please consider providing a donation to us in order to make this happen.

Can I still use JavaScript?

All JavaScript from external websites is executed on our servers. We just need to use our JavaScript Code to connect to our service. No third party JavaScript code will be executed on your local browser. This gives you most possible Security.

Anything else?

Please contact us directly for any other questions. We then might publish the answer on this page. Thank you very much.

Still have any questions?

Please contact us directly for any other questions. We will answer as soon as possible.


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