A fast browser inside your browser

Log into the Immunity Zone in your local browser. We are now creating a secure browsing environment exclusively for you.

Type your desired web address into the inside browser. All pages will be rendered on our infrastructure, so your computer stays free and secure.

The webpage loads extremely fast. You are now safe from attacks on your browser and your identity is protected. You gained immunity on the web.

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Dangerous Internet: There is a war on your data

Your browser is a high-value target

Your Privacy is under Attack

Your browser exposes your data

* Proxy Servers, VPNs or anonymity networks (like Tor) don't protect your privacy - they just provide you with a new IP Address every now and then. Although this might have helped you 10 years ago, sophisticated tracking methods such as Browser Fingerprinting, Browser Exploits, and several JavaScript-based techniques reveal your identity even when obfuscating your IP Address. This is why most VPN services and other Proxy solutions lie to you when offering 100% online privacy.
** Secunia Vulnerability Review 2014

Innovative 360° browser security

Become immune through remote browsing

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Privacy Protection

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The Magic

Illustration Server

Each login creates a virtual machine on our servers. Inside our Operating System a one-time browser is opened that streams the webpage content to your inside browser. Whenever you load a webpage in your inside browser, that page is actually loaded on our servers. We then stream the content to you.

A secure Browser-inside-a-Browser

Hosting on your terms