Paranoid by design

As security professionals we are very aware of the technological challenges involved in creating an Internet service offering real privacy. Deploying a complete remote browser environment requires a number of techniques and skills to effectively shield users against the omnipresent surveillance of the Internet. For this reason we deploy a variety of moral, legal, organizational and technological measures to protect the integrity of our systems.

Important Remark: Please decide yourself to what extent you want to trust our service. For most users Immunity Zone might be the tool of choice to protect against common mass-surveillance but not for their home banking sessions, where privacy is not an issue anyhow. We believe that Immunity Zone is a great technology to surf privately and outsmart web tracking and online surveillance. Unlike other vendors we don't promise you the impossible: No computer system on the planet can ever be 100% secure or 100% anonymous, we can't control the integrity of your local browser, which might be compromised. Our goal is to deliver the best possible mix between security and usability and we believe that we have created a very innovative product in this dimension.

We are very conscious of government backdoors built into modern operating systems and hardware-based attacks. Please have a look at the following measures, which positively influence the overall security of our systems. Don't hesitate to contact us case you have any further question about our security measures.

We believe in your right to privacy

"No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence [..]". We feel bound to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and regard it as one of the most fundamental rules of human society. Mass surveillance and arbitrary data collection of any kind are obvious violations of human rights. This is our credo.

Our systems are designed in a way that privacy protection comes first. We don't require your real name or Email address for using the service. We don't store any further personal information and offer full encryption by design. Our servers ensure that your privacy is protected when being online.

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We are based in Switzerland

Immunity Zone is located in Freienbach, Switzerland. Situated in the centre of Europe, Switzerland has a long tradition of protecting freedom, democracy and ensuring civil rights. We are legally bound by the very strict Swiss Data Protection Laws to ensure your digital rights are upheld. Swiss courts protect freedom and neutrality. We believe that in a civil society freedom and security are not contrary to each other but complement themselves and grow together.

Full Transparency about regulatory requests

As long we are located in Switzerland no subpoena or any similar instrument can be used to force us to acquire data. All requests from external parties to access user data will be made public on our transparency page-security in case we would receive such request.

As long we don't store any connection data of real users (excluding bots) we could not reveal any information (IP-Addresses) about our users. By current Swiss law we are not required to do any kind of data preservation.

Full Transparency
No logging

Zero logging policy

We don't log your connection data or any of the session information associated with it. Immunity Zone was created to protect privacy and freedom on the Internet, we believe that any kind of logging endangers your privacy and decreases your personal freedom. Zero logging means less risk to us.

To ensure the security and integrity of our systems, we will process and analyse requests originating from automated systems (bots), in case of DDOS attacks or in case somebody is trying to illegally access our systems (hacking). We feel bound to your privacy but will take all necessary steps to protect our systems from hacking, espionage or surveillance of any kind.

No data preservation

Our servers take the fall for your online privacy. We immunize your computer against every possible way that a web site can track you. Instead of you, our distributed network of servers will be tracked, meaning you will remain safe and secure.

As long we are a service provider we are not legally bound to any kind of data preservation law. It is the opposite way: In case we would log and preserve we would be behaving illegally and you could sue us. Thanks to Switzerland, which still has laws to protect personal freedom.

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