Your Privacy

No personal information

This service requires a username and a passphrase. In order to increase privacy we suggest choosing credentials that don't reveal any information about you.

Email addresses are only stored for billing purposes. We use cryptographic one-way functions to obfuscate the relation between username and email address. Any Payment data stays with our payment provider, we don't ever load it from there. There is no connection between your payment details and your username. They know that you are using IZ, but don't know what you are doing there..

No logging

Our servers don't log activity of individual users.

In order to protect the integrity of our systems we do, however, log connections originating from certain intelligence bodies and related entities. In case we detect illegal, intelligence, and spy or backdoored access to our servers, we might start to log information concerning such incidents.

Your browser profile

For every browsing session (between login and logout) we are creating a virtual browser profile for you on our infrastructure. This profile might contain cookies, login information or other personal related data. This data needs to be on our infrastructure as long you are using a remote browsing environment. All data will be deleted automatically after you log out from our service. We don't log or persist any of this data, it will be available on our servers for the duration of your browsing session.

Zero Interest

As the world's first Privacy-As-A-Service provider we stand for your rights. We don't have any interest in doing evil things with your data. We fight for your privacy.

Our Terms

No personalized support

As long we don't record any personal information there will be no support from our side. In case you loose your username or password there will be no possibility to access our service again. We can't provide any assistance in case your credentials got lost.

You are free to use this service as-it-is. We don't provide support of any kind for this service. In case you experience difficulties you might try to use the forum at muut.

No Promises

We provide our service as good as possible (and hope that you like it).

We don't make any specific promises about our service and don't guarantee its availability.

In case of special circumstances - such as external attempts to break our infrastructure - we are allowed to stop, shutdown or suspend this service at any given time.

No Liability

By using this service you exempt us from any liability deriving from the use of this service. We do execute web browsers on your behalf. The memory (RAM) of our servers contains a copy of your browser session, as long the session is open. We don't take any responsibility in case any of our servers gets hacked. We furthermore don't guarantee that illegal organizations or any other third parties sniff none of your traffic inside, before or after our servers. In case you authenticate yourself, you understand that there is no responsibility for us, as the provider of this service.

No Refund

Because we don't link payment information with user data we can't refund. We can't refund any kind of payments due to technical failure or any other kind of interruption of service.

Best effort

Given current market conditions we can't offer you perfect protection against illegal organizations or other attackers. Unfortunately modern computer systems contain a variety of backdoors on many different levels to compromise computer systems and complete networks by design. Although we do our best to protect you from any kind of illegal access to your and our systems we can't realistically promise you a 100% perfect solution.

We suggest you to use our service for your everyday browsing activity. In case you log into third party websites which require authentication, please judge yourself if you want to trust our infrastructure for your specific use-case. Please don't facilitate Immunity Zone for online banking or other high value websites, which are prominently targeted by Internet criminals.

Additional Terms

Fair Use Policy

We do impose usage limits and quotas. We therefore might set maximum values for the number of network connections, originating IP Addresses, originating devices and so on. Depending on your plan we allow you to use a limited number of devices accessing our service at the same time.

In case we detect automate use of our systems, related accounts will be deleted without prior notice. We do protect web-browsers used by real people used to browse the web. This service shall not be used by any kind of automated system or similar infrastructure.


We don't allow you to abuse our service for any kind of illegal activities. We do block access to websites containing child pornographic material or similar.

We do reserve the right to block users trying to abuse our systems for any illegal purposes.